Streaming Video

Grow awareness and reach larger audiences while tracking conversions and retarget visitors with corresponding display ads.

Maximize video impact.

Advertise to your customer, wherever they're binging.
Target your potential customers regardless of the platform. Utilize audience lists, household incomes and other interests or geographical areas to sculpt your ideal target audience.

Driving customers to your site is the first step in their journey.
65% of people who use a second screen while streaming have looked up the product that is advertised in a TV show for more information. [1] Retarget website viewers using social, display ads and on other OLV or OTT programs to stay top of mind.

Have confidence that your funnel is growing.
Unlike traditional television advertising, OTT and OLV allow you to build your funnel, while having tangible performance metrics such as view completion rate, clicks and conversions.

Sources[1] According to the Video Advertising Bureau >

Video Retargeting
Follows users who have demonstrated enough interest in your brand to visit your website, look for your vehicles on the search engines or watch your pre-roll video ad. Once demonstrating this interest, Green Line will serve them your ads, and even show them exactly what products they were looking at on your site – as they browse other sites on the Internet.

The customer’s direct messaging is determined by their previous online behavior.

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