Next Stop: Green Line Digital.

Next Stop:
Green Line Digital.

Our story.

Green Line came to life in 2016, born from our founders' collective experience in various agencies. They noticed a common theme: agencies promising more than they delivered, leading to friction, subpar performance, and a singular focus on the bottom line. This wasn't the business model they wanted to embrace.

In contrast, Green Line was built to be an advocate for our clients, prioritizing their success and fostering relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. We believe that real business results extend beyond media placement. Our goal? To help clients navigate the complex world of audiences, algorithms, pixels, and server-side tags, turning these perceived challenges into strengths.

Over the years, we've grown into a full-service agency, offering web design and build services, ad production, data science, real-time dashboards, organic search optimization, and efficient paid media campaign management.

We aim to build phenomenal relationships with our clients, built on frequent communication, understanding their targets, speaking their language, and collaboratively developing budgets and goals. We're firm believers that successful media campaigns are rooted in strong client relationships and effective communication.

Our ideal client is someone who understands the marketing landscape but doesn't have the resources to execute their vision. They're looking for a partner who can guide them rather than dictate to them. If you're looking for a team that functions like an in-house staff, then look no further. Welcome to Green Line.

At the heart of our agency's success is our clients' success. When our clients thrive, we thrive. Our goal is to foster relationships that span years, not months, and to help transform challenger brands into market leaders.

If you are looking for our partner automotive Agency you can find them here:

Green Line Automotive

Our senior team.

At the core of Green Line is our exceptional team - a talented group of tech-savvy individuals working side by side with campaign managers. Their diverse experiences range from managing global campaigns with gargantuan budgets to local campaigns focused on boosting footfall. This broad range of expertise enables us to consistently bring fresh ideas to the table, reinventing our approach to adapt to the evolving marketing landscape.

Our strength is not only in managing campaigns but also in our communication with clients. We want to minimize the back-and-forth, reduce response times, and streamline our services. Green Line has grown predominantly through word of mouth, a testament to our commitment to delivering incredible performance. We're somewhat of a well-kept secret in the digital media landscape, but we like it that way. We're proud of our work, our clients, and our achievements. And we're always looking forward to assisting new brands and industries.


Steve Jurken
Founder / Managing Partner


Brent Rogers
Co-Founder / Managing Partner


Nicole Leonhart
Account Director


Tyler Troha
Senior Account Manager / Sales Executive


Elayna Paap
VP / Organic Search


Landon Perry
VP / Paid Search & Analytics


Bill Neiswender
Media Director


Philip Johnson
VP / Paid Social Director


Shannon Regan
Paid Social Director


Cristina Priamo
Group Account Director / Paid Search

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